Star Trek: Titan — Absent Enemies

{4.5/5} “It was one more occupational hazard of travel by transporter. Yes, beaming had no harmful effects on the body. But human lungs weren’t accustomed to dramatic changes in the temperature and composition of consecutive breaths.”

Star Trek: Titan — Absent Enemies by John Jackson Miller, published in 2014

Captain Christine Vale and the Titan are in a stalemate with the Breen around Zellman’s Find, an asteroid that happens to have trilithium. Captain Ezri Dax of the Aventine shows up to take over, because Admiral Riker has other orders — the Titan is to take him to negotiate peace on Garadius IV. Because of his previous visit there, that’s the last thing he wants to do.

This novella is available as an ebook.

It’s a great story that includes our old friends Deanna Troi and Tuvok. It’s partly a sequel to the TNG episode “The Next Phase,” in which Geordi and Ro are stuck out of phase with everyone else.

I’ve read 4 books plus this story by Miller. I previously reviewed Star Trek: Prey — The Hall of Heroes.

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