{4/5} “I already tried that.”

ARQ, released in 2016

Renton’s house is invaded by people who want money. When he’s killed, he wakes up at the same time as he did before — but this time this are slightly different. He is the only one who remembers things from before, including the fact that his girlfriend is working with the invaders. Renton built the ARQ, a source of energy, which could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

I like the way the main character, once he realizes he’s in a time loop, looks all around in order to remember things for the next time.

When he catches the scissors, my interest perked up and the movie held my attention from then on.

As long as you haven’t just watched Groundhog Day or Edge of Tomorrow, you’ll find this an enjoyable movie. Of course, you have to accept a nonsensical premise.

Stars Robbie Amell and Rachael Taylor. Directed by Tony Elliott (story editor on Orphan Black).

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    Thank you for sharing your thoughtful review, Dave!

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