All These Worlds

{4.5/5} “Original Bob had never been a warrior type. Even in D&D he had tended to stick to magic use. Now, we were the front line in a war that would decide the ultimate fate of the human race. Not really where I’d expected my life to go.”

All These Worlds by Dennis E. Taylor, published in 2017

Howard has created an android body so he can be Bridget’s boyfriend on Vulcan. Bob has created an android body so he can interact with his Deltan friend Archimedes. Will uses an android to attend the funeral of one of his sister’s descendants. Marcus has built flying cities on Poseidon in order to get people away from the authoritarian government. And the Bobs are all working on a plan to defeat the Others, who see humans and everyone else as food.

This is the sequel to For We Are Many. The story comes to a conclusion, although one more novel set in the same universe is forthcoming.

It’s a fine conclusion — once you get into the first book you’ll want to read all the way through this one to find out what happens with your favourite Bobs.

This is the 3rd book I’ve read by Taylor.

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  1. James Says:

    Thanks for the tip about this series, Dave! I just finished reading the third book too.

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