Star Trek: Discovery — The Enterprise War

{4.5/5} “He could see no other path for himself — not when so many had been lost. Rigel VII had devastated him. It was barely a scratch. Three had died there. This was thirty. He had been fooling himself to think that he had the talent for the job — and he certainly didn’t have the stomach for failing at it.”

Star Trek: Discovery — The Enterprise War by John Jackson Miller, published in 2019

Captain Christopher Pike believes that he and the Enterprise would be valuable in the war with the Klingons. But his orders are to remain exploring the Pergamum Nebula. They find an M-class planet, Susquatane, and settle in to do a detailed study. With a large landing party on the ground, aliens arrive intent on abducting them to be soldiers in their war.

Along with Number One and Spock we also see Doctor Boyce and Yeoman Colt. This will get you excited for the upcoming series Strange New Worlds, which will feature these characters.

It’s about being dragged into a war unwillingly, sending coded messages to people you know well, and seeking understanding rather than conflict.

Baladon in an interesting character. He gets kidnapped but he ends up supporting his kidnappers’ cause — because, to him, his new situation is better than his old one.

The ending leads directly into Discovery season 2.

I’ve read 6 books by Miller. I previously reviewed Star Trek: Titan — Absent Enemies.

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