Star Trek: Voyager — Marooned

{4.5/5} “The crewmen now assembled had long since learned to live under Starfleet rules and tender their own talents to all their benefit. Chakotay wanted to tell them, these rough-and-tumble upstarts from once upon a time, how very proud he was of them.”

Star Trek: Voyager — Marooned by Christie Golden, published in 1997

Voyager comes across a rare space station, at which Captain Janeway hopes to do some trading and have some shore leave. But due to some holographic duplicity, pirates manage to kidnap Kes. Voyager tracks them down and a rescue scuttle crashes on a planet. The away team is met by a race of gorilla-like creatures who turn out to be from a technological culture — their ancestors were sent to this world as criminals.

Chell, Garan, and Henley are featured — it was nice to see them again, as they were only in one episode.

It’s about people who look friendly but turn out to be mean, and people who look mean but turn out to be friendly.

I’ve read 7 books by Golden. I previously reviewed Star Trek: Voyager — The Murdered Sun.

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