Star Trek: Voyager — The Murdered Sun

{4.5/5} “A few rulers throughout the ages had been hard, or as Linneas might have put it, ‘wise,’ enough to be trusted with the secret — that the great glory of Blessing was obtained only with slave labor and killing a system’s sun. But there had not been many. For the most part, the truth behind the harvesting of Blessing remained known only by the military. This fact, this odd tradition, did not make it any easier for Garai.”

Star Trek: Voyager — The Murdered Sun by Christie Golden, published in 1996

Captain Janeway and Voyager are exploring what might be a wormhole inside a black hole. Unfortunately, the space is claimed by the aggressive Akerians. Meanwhile, the Verunans are asking for Janeway’s help — their sun is going to die in 25 years. They’ve also been attacked mercilessly by the Akerians, who have superior technology.

It’s about friendship, and learning about an alien culture and history.

Golden has a terrific grasp of the characters. In particular, Chakotay and Paris have nice roles in the story.

I’ve read 6 novels by Golden. I previously reviewed the one she wrote with Michael Jan Friedman, Star Trek: TNG — Double Helix: The First Virtue.

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