Star Trek: TNG — The First Virtue

{4.5/5} “Listen to yourselves! … Squabbling like children tearing at a new toy! You are diplomats, every one of you. You represent the highest virtues your people have to offer. I understand that tempers are running high, but let us move forward with our eyes open — so that we may truly see and understand what is taking place!”

Star Trek: TNG — Double Helix: The First Virtue by Michael Jan Friedman and Christie Golden, published in 1999

Captain Picard and the Stargazer are ordered to head to the Kellasian sector to help resolve a dispute that’s been going on for years. They pick up a Vulcan ensign with knowledge of the situation — Tuvok. While Tuvok and Jack Crusher investigate who’s behind some recent terrorist activities, Captain Picard addresses the diplomats of multiple worlds.

This book takes place 25 years before the others in the series, setting up the reason behind the antagonist’s actions.

The books in this series are labelled as Next Generation, but 5 of them have connections to the other series that existed at that time. This one could be categorized as a Stargazer novel.

Jack and Tuvok have some delightful conversations. Although Beverly Crusher appears on the cover, she’s only in one scene.

I’ve read 19 of Friedman’s novels plus a bunch of comic books. I previously reviewed Star Trek: The Next Generation — Crossover.

I’ve read 5 of Golden’s novels, all Star Trek.

In this series I previously reviewed Star Trek: TNG — Double Helix: Double or Nothing.

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