A Hidden Place

{4/5} “She took a chance, you know, telling us anything at all. But she needs somebody. She can’t live out these two weeks without somebody to bring her food, somebody to help her through the Changes — somebody who’ll know and somebody who’ll do it anyway. You know anybody else who’d do that?”

A Hidden Place by Robert Charles Wilson, published in 1986

During the Depression, Travis goes to live with his aunt and uncle in Haute Montagne after his mom dies. Uncle Creath gives him a job at the ice plant. A stunningly beautiful woman named Anna also lives at the house. Travis and his girlfriend Nancy decide to rescue Anna and they manage to take her away over Creath’s outrage — then Anna demonstrates that she’s not human.

This is Wilson’s 1st book.

It’s not my favourite type of story. Nevertheless, it’s well written.

It’s very different from his later books — this one is reminiscent of Dandelion Wine.

It’s about people who are good and people who think they’re good. It’s about people who are homeless and people who are afraid.

I’ve read 15 of Wilson’s books. I previously reviewed Last Year.

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