VOY Dark Matters: Ghost Dance

{4/5} “The survivors were of two minds. Some thought they had displeased their gods, the Crafters, in some way and that to atone they needed to devote themselves totally toward an agrarian life. Others were angry, and wanted to be able to defend themselves should this ever happen again. The two drifted apart.”

Star Trek: Voyager — Dark Matters: Ghost Dance by Christie Golden, published in 2000

Captain Janeway has agreed to help rid the quadrant of dangerous mutated dark matter. But they are having trouble getting started — they need something to contain it. Meanwhile, Chakotay and Tom are on a planet where some of the inhabitants treat Strangers by throwing them in a pit for several days to see if they survive. Meanwhile, on Romulus the Tal Shiar chairman Jekri is secretly and carefully plotting against the telepathic Lhiau.

This is the sequel to Cloak and Dagger.

The 1st half of the book has some technobabble that drags things down a bit. Also, one storyline is more interesting than the others. A character who gives you a few difficult to decipher hints and then disappears is not my favourite type of character — there’s one of those here.

The 2nd half of the book is back up to par — leading me to want to read the conclusion. There’s a nice scene with some unificationists on Romulus.

I’ve read 9 books by Golden.

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