Dr. Grande on mental health & personality

Dr. Todd Grande is a licensed professional counsellor, and speculates about the mental health and personality factors that are involved in various cases. He’s serious, but throws in 1 or 2 funny lines in each video. Here are some cases I was particularly interested in.

Michael Jackson

Grande believes it’s more likely that Jackson was innocent. The people accusing about him aren’t credible, and every time there was an official investigation it found nothing.

Dr. Phil McGraw

Grande looks at the question of whether Dr. Phil is doing more harm than good. He comes to the conclusion that for the participants on his show, many of whom may have a mental illness, he’s doing more harm.

O.J. Simpson

Despite the verdict at his trial, Grande is confident that Simpson is guilty.

L. Ron Hubbard

Hubbard’s life story is astonishing. He was a successful author, but that wasn’t enough money for him. He failed at many things until he invented something that people would buy into, Scientology.

Travis Walton

Walton was the person who claimed to be abducted by aliens and whose story was filmed as Fire in the Sky. Grande points out that the logging team Walton was a part of used the alien abduction story as an excuse to get out of their contract. He also points out that lie detector tests, which Walton boasts that he passed, are useless.

JonBenét Ramsey

This 6-year-old girl was killed and no one was ever convicted for it. Grande believes the most likely scenario is that the father did it, and the 2nd most likely scenario is that the mother did it.

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  1. Dave Switzer Says:

    Grande concludes that Woody Allen is probably innocent of sexually assaulting Dylan Farrow:

  2. Dave Switzer Says:

    Lots of people have fallen for Eckart Tolle’s books, but Grande concludes that it’s all nonsense:

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