Star Trek: Voyager (season 7)

{5/5} “Two crews, Maquis and Starfleet, are going to become one, and they’ll make as big a mark on the Delta Quadrant as it’ll make on them, by protecting people like the Ocampans, curing diseases, encouraging peace. Children like Naomi and Icheb are going to grow up on this ship and call it home. And we’ll all be following our Captain, who sets a course for Earth and never stops believing that we’ll get there.” — Chakotay to Janeway from the past

Star Trek: Voyager season 7, aired in 2000-01

When Janeway, Torres, and Tuvok are assimilated they retain their individuality — and intend on releasing a virus that will allow the Borg to remember their time in Unimatrix Zero when they’re in the real world. When Seven and Harry are captured by people who are in a conflict with photonics, Seven downloads the Doctor into her neural matrix — and the Doctor takes control of her body. The Hirogen have take the holotechnology Janeway gave them and created holograms that are too smart and have been killing the Hirogen. When Voyager is shattered into different time zones, Chakotay must navigate the different eras of the ship’s past in order to save everyone.

This is the last season. The finale is thrilling, with Mulgrew playing Captain Janeway and Admiral Janeway — although the last-minute pairing of Chakotay and Seven is a bit odd.

Jeri Ryan does a fabulous job portraying the Doctor in “Body and Soul.” It was delightful to see Naomi and Icheb as adults in “Shattered” and Miral in “Endgame.”

It was nice to see Lieutenant Joe Carey again, in “Friendship One.” The conversation between Janeway and Neelix at the end of “Homestead,” about Neelix being a permanent ambassador in the Delta quadrant, is astonishing.

In the 2-part “Workforce” Captain Janeway and most of the crew are abducted and forced to work on a planet — and their their previous life on Voyager has been erased from their memories. In “Author, Author” the Doctor creates a holonovel and finds a publisher in the Alpha quadrant — but it upsets his shipmates. In “Renaissance Man” Janeway is kidnapped and the Doctor is forced to impersonate her — and give the kidnappers Voyager’s warp drive. In “Endgame” 10 years after reaching Earth, Admiral Janeway risks everything to go back in time so that she can get her entire crew back to the Alpha quadrant.

One more quotation: “You are perhaps the most resourceful individual I have ever known.” — Tuvok, to Neelix

Guest stars include Ron Glass and Don Most. Alice Krige reprises her role as the Borg Queen from Star Trek: First Contact.

This is the 2nd time I’ve seen it.

I previously reviewed season 6.

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