Beneath the Vaulted Hills

{4.5/5} “Do you ever feel that we are at an end of a chapter of history, Mr. Flattery, and that the world as it existed before was so much more alive with marvels? I almost feel this stranger was left from that period. Like lizards are the tiny remnants of the great beasts that disappeared.”

Beneath the Vaulted Hills by Sean Russell, published in 1997

Erasmus Flattery once spent years as a boy at the home of the mage Eldrich. While there he was taught, but not magic, only saw the mage a few times, and always wondered why he’d been sent there. His old friend Samual Hayes comes to him for help and tells him of his research into a strange incident. A man walked into a village only speaking a language no one knew. He was later whisked away in a carriage — the rumour is that he was taken away by a mage. People in the village who were there at the time wouldn’t speak a word about it, even years later.

This is the 1st book in The River into Darkness duology. It takes place in the same world as the Moontide and Magic Rise duology but earlier in time.

With a unique setting and characters, you’ll want to find out what happens — which will necessitate reading the sequel as well.

It’s about people trying to solve mysteries, some of whom have more information than others. It’s about a secretive mage and a secret society, and a woman whom every man adores.

I’ve read 5 books by Russell. I previously reviewed Sea Without a Shore.

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