{4.5/5} “Alex was flummoxed, could hardly digest all the things they’d spoken of so far, felt like all these years he’d been a playgoer, watching the play from a safe distance, accepting the play as reality. But the play was just a Megaplex-doctored reality– the true action was taking place backstage.”

Omnifix by Scott Mackay, published in 2004

The aliens were defeated 10 years ago but a new gigantic ship appears. Alex hopes that his means his department will get more money, as he studies alien technology. But it’s determined that the ship has no one aboard and it’s not going close to Earth. Then Alex loses his job, all his files are deleted, and his friend Max asks to meet him on the roof of the building.

It’s about trying to figure out the mysterious things people — and aliens — are doing, and adjusting to a new body.

Mackay always has an interesting situation for the reader to engage with.

This is the 4th novel I’ve read by Mackay. I previously reviewed Outpost.

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