Stranger Things (season 4)

{4.5/5} “‘Looks like it’s going to be up to us again.’ ‘It always is, isn’t it?'”

Stranger Things season 4, aired in 2022

In Hawkins a cheerleader named Chrissy, who was having disturbing visions, ends up dead. This leads to the gang investigating the situation and determining that a demon they call Vecna is responsible. Vecna killed a mother and 2 kids — the father is in jail, since the police didn’t believe in demons, so Nancy and Robin go and talk to him to see if he can help. Meanwhile, Sam tells Eleven that she is needed to resolve the situation and they can give her back her powers. Meanwhile, Joyce gets a package from Russia telling her that Hopper is alive.

Lots of things go wrong, but there are also some funny parts. A conversation between Steve and Robin is always delightful.

They upped the horror, in a way that I really didn’t like. When someone starts floating, you might want to look away until the snapping sounds stop.

It builds to an intense conclusion, but on the whole this season felt a bit like Russian Doll season 2 — another great adventure with friends, but not quite as brilliant as previous season(s).

Stars Joe Keery, Maya Hawke, Brett Gelman, and Priah Ferguson.

Matthew Modine plays Dr. Martin Brenner, and Gabriella Pizzolo plays Suzie.

I previously reviewed season 3.

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