Jane the Virgin (season 2)

{5/5} “We happen to be in a little bit of a feud. A big feud, actually!” — Rogelio, about Britney Spears

Jane the Virgin season 2, aired in 2015-16

Jane has had her baby, a boy named Mateo. A fake nurse grabbed Mateo and took him to Rose, aka Sin Rostro. Rose calls Michael and says she’ll make a trade — Mateo for the broach that Luisa stole from her the last time they were together. When they finally get home there’s a crowd outside — who had found out about the baby from Rogelio’s tweets. Xo and Rogelio end up singing on a cruise ship. Jane is in love with both Rafael and Michael — and she tells them.

I like when Jane was a kid and her piggy bank was full, she bought a new piggy bank.

The best new addition this season is that (surprise) Petra has a twin sister.

The finale is pretty wild — you’ll want to be ready to start watching season 3 immediately.

Guest stars include Charo, Britney Spears, and Bruno Mars.

Stars Justin Baldoni, Ivonne Coll, and Brett Dier.

I previously reviewed season 1.

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