Eurovision Song Contest: Fire Saga

{4/5} “That sweater’s really angry.”

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, released in 2020

Lars and Sigrit have been singing together since they were kids. This year they won the Iceland song contest, because all the other entrants were mysteriously killed in a boat explosion. They travel to Scotland for the Eurovision Song Contest, which has been their goal forever. Sigrit wants romance with Lars, but Lars wants to focus on the music. Sigrit also doesn’t care for Lars’ new ideas about the backing track and costumes.

If you think Will Farrell is funny, then you’ll like this movie.

There are lots of songs, of course — some great, and some odd.

I like when Alexander says no one remembers the other guy’s name from Wham! and Lars knows it’s Andrew Ridgeley.

There are some funny parts, and some silly parts.

Stars Rachel McAdams, Pierce Brosnan, and Demi Lovato. Directed by David Dobkin (The Judge). The music is by Atli Örvarsson.

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