Jane the Virgin (season 5)

{5/5} “I’m a more selfish person than you, so sometimes I forget to think about other people, but I’m working on it, OK?… But hey, it is who I am so don’t expect, like, a huge change.” — Petra

Jane the Virgin season 5, aired in 2018-19

Somehow Michael is alive, but he has amnesia and he doesn’t remember Jane. It turns out that Rose orchestrated everything — in other words, faked his death. Just to be sure, Rafeael got a DNA test — it’s him. Although he goes by Jason now. Meanwhile, Petra’s ex-husband Milos is back — it turns out he tricked Anezka and he now owns two thirds of the Marbella.

This is the last season.

I like how Rogelio calls Mateo “Matelio,” and Jane calls him “Mr. Sweet Face.”

The storyline with Rose dragged on a bit, but everything else is brilliant.

The finale is beautiful.

Alfonso DiLuca plays Jorge, and Diane Guerrero plays Lina.

I previously reviewed season 4.

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