{5/5} “Trust me, I know bad. I used to moderate for Facebook.”

Kimi, released in 2022

Angela works for a company that makes Kimi, a device like Alexa but even better. She helps teach Kimi what phrases mean that she’s having trouble with, like new slang. She’s been staying in her apartment during the pandemic and is now having trouble leaving it, even to meet someone at the food truck across the street. Angela hears what she thinks might be a crime on a Kimi stream and her boss tells her to delete it.

Angela is a fascinating character, and the story is gripping.

I like how even bad guys work from home during the pandemic.

Stars Zoë Kravitz, Rita Wilson, and Jaime Camil. Directed by Steven Soderbergh (Ocean’s Twelve). The mysterious music is by Cliff Martinez.

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