Take This Waltz

{4.5/5} “You seem restless, in a kind of permanent way.”

Margot meets Daniel on a business trip. Although she’s happily married to Lou, they form a connection. When they get home they discover that they live very close to each other. Margot is tempted to have an affair with Daniel, but is that what she really wants? Margot and Lou have the normal sorts of problems couples have — they don’t understand each other perfectly — but they have a good life.

Take This Waltz was released in 2012.

This is not your average movie. The focus is on the characters and the choices they make — you can agree or disagree with those choices but the characters making them feel very real.

It might not be one of your favourite movies ever, but it’s worth watching for the quality of the acting — especially Michelle Williams but also Seth Rogen and Luke Kirby.

Along with some pop songs, there’s some subtle music by Jonathan Goldsmith (Away From Her).

Michelle Williams (The Station Agent) plays Margot and Luke Kirby (Mambo Italiano) plays Daniel.┬áSeth Rogen (50/50) plays Lou and Sarah Silverman (School of Rock) plays Margot’s┬ásister-in-law Geraldine.

The movie was directed by Sarah Polley (Away From Her). I’m a fan of Polley as a director and as an actor — she’s starred in movies such as The Secret Life of Words and Last Night (1998).

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