Bard’s Oath

{4/5} “That oath cut them off from family, clan, and country. They forswore all thought of vengeance for wrongs done to themselves or their kin. They could not take up arms in war. Instead, their task — impossible as it all too often seemed — was to remain impartial and seek a peaceful solution to conflicts.”

Everyone is off to the big horse fair at Balyaranna. Raven now works with his aunt as a horse trader. Dragonlords Linden, Maurynna, and Shima will act as marshals at the race known as the Queen’s Chase. Otter can’t go to the fair — he has to fill in for another teacher at the bard school. Little does Otter know, someone from his past is holding a grudge — and will go to great lengths to extract his revenge.

Bard’s Oath by Joanne Bertin was published in 2012. It’s the sequel to Dragon and Phoenix.

Linden, Maurynna, Otter, Raven, and Shima are back from previous books — as well as some minor characters.

The story isn’t quite as interesting as the previous two but it’s still worth reading. For one thing, the antagonist isn’t as interesting.

Fans of The Last Dragonlord and Dragon and Phoenix will want to read this one. If you’re a fan of fantasy and you haven’t read The Last Dragonlord I encourage you to read it.

I’ve now read Bertin’s three books that she’s published so far — I hope she writes more.

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