{4/5} “I don’t have delusions of grandeur, I have an actual recipe for grandeur.”

Eddie has a book contract but he’s having trouble with the actual writing. His girlfriend has just dumped him, so he’s going to need to make some money. A chance encounter with his ex-brother-in-law leads him to try a new drug that isn’t on the market yet. This drug gives him access to all of his brain — which leads him to clean his house and start writing. The next day he’s back to normal, so he goes looking for more of the drug.

Limitless was released in 2011.

If you were really, really smart — smarter than anyone else — what would you do with your life?

It’s a fascinating premise, and an exciting story. There’s a fairly violent part near the end.

Bradley Cooper is convincing both as a slacker who sits around doing anything but writing and a hyper-vigorous man who knows everything about everything.

There are some flaws — like a lot of movies, it doesn’t want you to think about it too much.

The movie uses interesting visual techniques to show Eddie’s side effects when he’s on the drug.

The music is mostly pop songs with some dramatic music by Paul Leonard-Morgan (Dredd).

Bradley Cooper (Yes Man) plays Eddie, Abbie Cornish (Bright Star) plays girlfriend Lindy, and Robert De Niro (Everybody’s Fine) plays businessman Carl.

The movie was directed by Neil Burger (The Illusionist).

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