The Firebird’s Vengeance

{4.5/5} “But this is the seduction and this is the danger that we all face no matter how weak our powers. Power attracts. It pulls and it changes. No matter how blessed a sorcerer’s sight, power and the closeness of power clouds it. You are very much in danger of going blind.”

Bridget Lederle’s daughter died as an infant 9 years ago. But the Vixen leads her to believe that magic may have been involved and her daughter is actually still alive. Bridget will, of course, do anything to find her daughter. But will she abandon Isavalta when they need her the most? The Firebird is back in the world and is likely to leave Isavalta in flames unless they can stop it.

The Firebird’s Vengeance by Sarah Zettel was published in 2004. It’s the third book in the Isavalta series, a sequel to A Sorcerer’s Treason and The Usurper’s Crown.

Bridget, Sakra, Ananda, and Mikkel return from A Sorcerer’s Treason. And the Firebird returns — the Firebird is, of course, seeking vengeance since it was in a cage for 30 years. Bridget’s aunt Grace also plays a role. One of the new characters is Mae Shan, a guard — she gives us a point of view we don’t always get in fantasy.

This is another great fantasy novel from Zettel, and fans of the first two books in the series are guaranteed to enjoy it. In Zettel’s work, it’s not just good guys and bad guys — we get more than one side of the story.

There’s one more book in this series.

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