Mission: Impossible

{4.5/5} “If we’re going to Virginia why don’t we drop by Fort Knox? I could fly a helicopter through the lobby and set it down right inside the vault.”

Ethan Hunt is part of a team of covert operatives who are members of a top-secret organization called the IMF. On a mission in Prague, his entire team is killed. The IMF thinks Hunt is a mole — so now he’s on his own and has to figure out what’s really going on. His first surprise is that one of his team is actually still alive.

Mission: Impossible was released in 1996. It’s a sequel to the TV show — one of the main characters, Jim Phelps, shows up here. This is the first movie in a series that so far numbers four. This is the second or third time I’ve seen this one.

This is the first movie I remember where people had masks that made them look exactly like another person — it’s still very cool. As is the iconic scene where Tom Cruise is dropping down from the ceiling on a wire.

It’s a close-to-perfect action movie. There are lots of clever parts — only a couple of confusing parts, and one action sequence that’s absurdly over the top.

Tom Cruise is superb as Hunt — he can handle himself in difficult physical and logistical situations.

The music is by Danny Elfman (Silver Linings Playbook). It includes, of course, the theme from the TV show by Lalo Schifrin — one of the best themes ever. Elfman’s music cleverly makes use of Schifrin’s theme and goes off in its own exciting direction.

Tom Cruise (Oblivion) plays Ethan Hunt and Emmanuelle Béart (A Heart in Winter) plays Claire. Jean Reno (Leon: The Professional) plays Franz and Ving Rhames (Con Air) plays Luther.

Jon Voight (Catch-22) plays Jim Phelps and Vanessa Redgrave (Howards End) plays Max. Emilio Estevez (The Breakfast Club) plays Jack and Kristin Scott Thomas (Salmon Fishing in the Yemen) plays Sarah.

The movie was directed by Brian De Palma (The Untouchables).

Spoiler alert

One problem with this movie is that Jim Phelps turns out to be the bad guy. Phelps was the good guy for all the years of the TV show and now he’s a bad guy? That seems like a kick in the head to anyone who liked the show.

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