The IT Crowd: The Internet is Coming

{3.5/5} “Does it ever seem to you that the things that happen to us are sort of strange?”

Roy has a¬†girlfriend who’s knowledgeable about comics, Jen swoons over a server at a coffee shop, and Moss is making videos of board game reviews (which no one likes). Douglas thinks Jen is his assistant Joan and keep asking her to do things for him. Moss runs into Douglas and Douglas tries to help him be more confident — he gives him dubious advice, but it just might work.

The IT Crowd was a British TV show that ran for 4 seasons. Coming 3 years after season 4 is this 1-hour special.

It was nice to see the gang again, but like the last couple of seasons this show is only mildly amusing. A big part of the show has to do with Jen accidentally throwing coffee on a homeless woman and Roy telling a man that he’s too short to be a barista. These actions, and the actions that follow to try to make up for it, just aren’t funny.

Richmond makes a welcome appearance — he’s still a goth.

This is likely to be the last of The IT Crowd. Once again I’ll point out that the first season is absolutely hilarious. I think Chris O’Dowd (Roy) and Richard Ayoade (Moss) are very funny and I’ll be looking for them in other shows — I’ve already seen O’Dowd in FAQ About Time Travel.

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