{4.5/5} “I was very touched that you cried at my funeral.”

Marvin discovers that people want to kill him because of something he supposedly did in 1979 but he doesn’t know anything about — something called Nightshade. So he fakes his own death, and later recruits Frank and Sarah to help him out. How will they avoid getting killed while figuring out what’s really going on? Victoria has been hired to kill them, as has Han, the best contract killer in the world. They find out that someone connected with Nightshade has been held by the British for 32 years — so they go in to see who it is.

RED 2 was released earlier this year.

I watched RED a while ago and thought it was very funny, so I thought I’d give the sequel a try. “RED” stands for Retired Extremely Dangerous.

Like the first one, it’s wildly implausible but lots of fun. Willis and Malkovich in particular are a pleasure to watch.

There are some clever schemes and stunts.

The fun music is by Alan Silvestri (The Croods).

These actors reprise their roles from the first movie. Bruce Willis (Looper) plays Frank and John Malkovich (The Great Buck Howard) plays Marvin. Mary-Louise Parker (the TV show Weeds) plays Sarah and Helen Mirren (Gosford Park) plays Victoria.

Joining them this time: Anthony Hopkins (Thor: The Dark World) plays Bailey and Catherine Zeta-Jones (Side Effects) plays Katja.

The movie was directed by Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest).

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