Castle (season 6)

{5/5} “Everything I’ve ever done, every choice I’ve ever made, every terrible and wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me, it’s all led me to right here, this moment with you.”

Beckett decides to take the job in Washington DC, but she also accepts Castle’s marriage proposal. Can Beckett and Castle make their relationship work when they’re living in different cities? Alexis returns home from a trip with a new boyfriend, Pi, who seems a bit flaky. Not only that, but Pi is staying at Castle’s house. Lanie is freaked out by one murder because the victim looks just like her.

Castle season 6 just finished. It picks up right where season 5 left off.

Castle always comes up with bizarre theories for the cases they’re working on, but occasionally he turns out to be right. In one episode they stumble on a DaVinci Code-like secret that goes back to the eighteenth century. In another episode a suspect claims to be a time traveller and he may actually be telling the truth.

Captain Gates and Alexis get more interesting storylines this season.

The man who murdered Beckett’s mother is planning on running for president — this is Beckett’s last chance to find some evidence against him.

The season ends with a cliffhanger, suggesting a new storyline for next season.

Lisa Edelstein (the TV show House) plays Beckett’s new partner Rachel.

William Mapother (Another Earth) plays a suspect in one episode. James Brolin (the TV show Marcus Welby, M.D.) makes a welcome return as Castle’s father, who’s on another top-secret mission. Frances Fisher (Titanic) plays the editor of a fashion magazine.

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