Glee (season 5)

{4/5} “You just need to keep finding the places you belong and the people you belong with. And then you’ll have an army to fight alongside of you until the world is finally brave enough to accept you for who you are.”

Sue Sylvester is now the principal, after planting false evidence in Principal Figgins’ office. Kitty likes Artie but she doesn’t want to have a public relationship because status is important to her. Blaine wants to propose to Kurt and enlists the New Directions as well as their competitors. Rachel and Santana are waitressing in New York while they wait to become stars. Rachel finds out whether she’s going to be in “Funny Girl” and Kurt decides to start a band.

Glee season 5 just ended.

The season started off with some strong episodes but when it came back after a hiatus it didn’t seem to have the same vigour — it still had great musical numbers, but I just didn’t find it as interesting as season 4.

There are a few new characters. Penny, the school nurse and a college student, has attracted Sam’s eye. Dani, a waitress with Rachel and Santana, has attracted Santana’s eye. And Bree, the new captain of the Cheerios, is told by Sue to hinder the glee club as much as she can.

Since actor Cory Monteith died, the character of Finn died too — it’s not revealed how, but a very touching episode is devoted to remembering him.

Two whole episodes are devoted to the songs of the Beatles. Other artists covered include Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Billy Joel.

In the latter half of the season the scene shifts completely to New York, where some of the original members have moved to after high school. I’m just not as into the storyline, though.

Characters tend to disappear without warning. At least they occasionally make fun of this in the “here’s what you missed on Glee” segment.

Becca Tobin (guest star on the TV show Wiener & Wiener) plays Kitty and Alex Newell (the TV show The Glee Project) plays Wade aka Unique.

Shirley MacLaine (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) plays a rich woman who wants to make Blaine a star. Tim Conway (the TV show The Carol Burnett Show) and Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi) are in one episode but I’m not sure what the point is — they barely have any lines. Kristen Schaal (the TV show The Daily Show) plays an unusual TV writer.

Next season has been announced as the final season.

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  1. Dave Switzer Says:

    I didn’t watch any of season 6 — the show had already gone downhill enough that I’d lost interest.

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