I Love You Phillip Morris

{4.5/5} “Sometimes you have to shave a little off the puzzle piece just to make it fit.”

When Steven is in a car accident he decides to make changes in his life — he comes out of the closet and lives life as a gay man, leaving his wife and daughter. When he finds himself a boyfriend he realizes that being gay is expensive. So he becomes a con man. But that doesn’t last forever — the police catch up with him and he’s sent to jail. While he’s in jail he meets Phillip Morris, a man he falls in love with.

I Love You Phillip Morris was released in 2009. It’s based on a true story.

It’s very funny, but also serious in parts — it’s a bit like Catch Me If You Can.

I wasn’t convinced that Steven (at least the one in the movie) could fake enough knowledge to be a Chief Financial Officer. Other than that I liked it a lot.

The real Steven Russell is currently in jail — apparently the only con artist in the world serving a life sentence.

Jim Carrey (Horton Hears a Who!) plays Steven Russell and Ewan McGregor (Salmon Fishing in the Yemen) plays Phillip Morris.

The movie was directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (Crazy, Stupid, Love.).

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