America’s Got Talent (season 9)

{4.5/5} “Somebody is out there — maybe they’ve been trying to get discovered but they’re starting to doubt themselves. And then they hit our stage and suddenly life changes. Isn’t that a great thing to see happen? This is the amazing part of the show that I never get tired of.” — Howard Stern

America’s Got Talent season 9 is now airing. As with season 8, there’s lots of variety.

The same judges are back from last year — Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Howard Stern. Nick Cannon is also back as host. The judges sometimes disagree but it seems like they genuinely like each other.

This year there’s a golden buzzer — each judge gets to press it once during the auditions, sending that contestant through regardless of the other judges’ votes. Howard used his on Dustin’s Dojo, a comedy karate duo. Howie used his on the Hudson brothers, who are comedic rappers.

Here are some of the acts to watch for:

  • Adrian Romoff, a 9-year-old pianist
  • Dan Naturman, a comedian who joked about marriage
  • Blue Journey, a pair of dancers who interacted with a projection
  • David Leeman, a pair of magicians who made Howie temporarily lose his ability to read
  • Dom the Bomb’s Triple Threat, an 8-year old playing card thrower (his assistants are his triplet brother and sister)
  • Abigail Barrett, who did an aerial act in front of an animated background
  • Jodi Miller, a comedian who argued that men are like cats and women are like dogs
  • Bob Markworth, a 77-year-old archer
  • John Vincent and his trained pig Mudslinger
  • Rachel Butera, a very funny impressionist
  • Mat Franco, a magician who did stupendous card tricks
  • Mike Super, a self-described mystifier who gets his invisible friend to shatter a glass pitcher
  • Joe Matteriese, a comedian who joked about being over 40

It seems like they showed more great acts and not as many not-so-great acts this time around. Once in a while the judges’ response to an act is baffling but they generally know talent when they see it.

You will hear some amazing musicians, see some mesmerizing dancers, and be inspired by people’s stories. Auditions have ended, and now starts the selection and voting process that eventually brings us a winner.

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