{4.5/5} “Kill off all my demons, Roy, and my angels might die too.”

Roy and Jessie have been in China helping kids through their church. As part of their trip back to the US, they decide to take the Transsiberian railway from China to Moscow. Roy likes trains a lot and he thinks Jessie will enjoy the adventure. On the train they meet Carlos and Abby, who have been doing a lot of travelling and are fun to hang out with. At one stop Roy fails to get back to the train on time so Carlos and Abby wait with Jessie at the next stop. Roy won’t get there until the next day, and a lot can happen in a day.

Transsiberian was released in 2008.

The second half is very suspenseful. There’s a part that’s fairly disturbing three quarters of the way through.

The moral of this story: be very careful when travelling in Russia.

It’s a terrific movie.

Woody Harrelson (Now You See Me) plays Roy and Emily Mortimer (the TV show The Newsroom) plays Jessie. Kate Mara (Transcendence) plays Abby and Eduardo Noriega (Open Your Eyes) plays Carlos. Ben Kingsley (Ender’s Game) plays Ilya, a narcotics officer.

The movie was directed by Brad Anderson (The Call).

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