Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — The Missing

{4.5/5} “A careful student of other worlds and cultures quickly learns to look beyond the formal face presented to discover what he or she can about the ordinary people — or, even more wisely, the marginal. One learns the true nature of a civilization from the way it treats its sick, weak, and poor.”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — The Missing by Una McCormack, published in 2015

Captain Ro on Deep Space Nine is hoping for some relatively quiet time — then she makes first contact with the People of the Open Sky. Meanwhile, Dr. Pulaski is heading out on a new civilian multi-species ship with a mission to do scientific research and ignore politics. Meanwhile, Odo discovers that some Cardassians are being held as prisoners of war by the Romulans — and the war ended 10 years ago.

This is a terrific story that features Ro Laren, Beverly Crusher, Katherine Pulaski, and Odo. Garak and Quark also show up.

Each chapter is prefaced by an excerpt from Captain Picard’s log, in which he’s talking about meeting new civilizations.

The previous book in the story of the 24th century is Star Trek: TNG — The Light Fantastic. I also previously reviewed McCormack’s book Star Trek: The Fall — The Crimson Shadow.

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