{2.5/5} “Spend the money quickly, Mr. Bond.”

Octopussy, released in 1983

James Bond is on the trail of someone who bought a FabergĂ© egg at auction for a much higher price than normal. His superiors think the Russians may be creating fake eggs — and they’re right. It’s part of a scheme of one Russian general who wants to go to war with the West.

The Indian locations are terrific, filmed in the city of Udaipur. The story has its moments, but there’s quite a bit of silliness.

It’s not surprising but it is disappointing that we’re not shown the slightest hint of a real relationship between Bond and Octopussy. Particularly when the theme song talks about an “all time high.”

Robert Brown plays M, stepping into the role after the death of original actor Bernard Lee. He plays him in 3 more movies after this one.

Walter Gotell plays General Gogol, in this and 5 other movies in the series. He also plays a different character in From Russia with Love.

Maud Adams, who plays Octopussy, previously played Scaramanga’s girlfriend Andrea in The Man with the Golden Gun.

Stars Roger Moore and Louis Jourdan. Directed by John Glen (For Your Eyes Only). The music by John Barry is not as inspired as some of his Bond soundtracks but it’s good.

This is probably the 2nd time I’ve seen it.

I previously reviewed For Your Eyes Only.

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