Startide Rising

{4.5/5} “The senior patron races see the Terrans as a threat. They are wolflings, and therefore dangerous. They preach revolutionary uplift practices… more dangerous still. They are allies of the Tymbrimi, an insult beyond forbearance. And they proselytize — an unforgivable offense.”

Startide Rising by David Brin, published in 1983

The Streaker, a ship of dolphins, humans, and a chimpanzee, come upon a huge collection of derelict ships. Now they’re on the run from some aliens who are upset for some reason. It’s possible it’s because of the corpse they brought aboard — the being is so ancient it might be one of the fabled Progenitors.

This is the sequel to Sundiver, although it takes place 200 years later.

The uplifted dolphins are fascinating. The story grabbed me right away this time.

The solution to the main problem — being stuck on a planet with a bunch of powerful aliens in orbit who’ve been chasing you — is clever.

It’s about a variety of sentient creatures, schemes, and mutiny.

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