The Uplift War

{5/5} “The intricacies of a three-billion-year-old culture made up of a thousand diverse, bickering patron-client clan lines, held together loosely by a network of ancient institutes and traditions, made Fiben’s head swim… But then something would crystallize, and Gailet would make clear to him some tradition or principle that displayed uncanny subtlety and hard-won wisdom.”

The Uplift War by David Brin, published in 1987

The Gubru must know what the Terran ship Streaker found. They decide to attack Garth, one of Earth’s most distant and unprotected outposts. They’ll use the humans there as hostages, to force Earth to reveal its secrets. But some neo-chimpanzees, a human, and a Tymbrimi are mounting a resistance.

This is Brin’s masterpiece. It’s the sequel to Startide Rising.

It’s complex but not confusing. It’s about a variety of fascinating species, but it’s also about a wonderfully specific group of individuals.

It’s about a few plans that succeed and a bunch that don’t, and beings who work together or clash.

I’ve read 5 of Brin’s books and I intend to read more.

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