Brightness Reef

{4.5/5} “Are we unique? In some Galactic languages, the question does not even parse as sane. One can find a precedent for anything in the archives of a billion years.”

Brightness Reef by David Brin, published in 1995

The world Jijo has been declared fallow by the Galactics. But members of 6 races landed there hundreds of years ago. Their descendants try to live without disturbing anything, although there’s a bit of disagreement on exactly how to do that. Then the day comes when someone arrives from space — the Rothen, who claim to be the secret patrons of humanity.

This is the 1st book of the 2nd Uplift trilogy. The Uplift universe is such a delightful universe, I wanted to read all the stories set in it.

What beliefs would arise on a planet where the people know they’re not supposed to be there? This, along with the astonishing aliens, are two of the best things.

If you liked the 1st Uplift trilogy, you’ll like the 2nd as well — Brin has astounding details worked out about the beings that populate this universe.

I previously reviewed The Uplift War.

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