Infinity’s Shore

{4.5/5} “The Tabernacle colonists dreamed of escaping to some place out of sight of bureaucrats and Galactic clans — a place to breed freely and fulfill the old romance of colonizing a frontier. In contrast, your Danik forbears rushed to embrace a tall tale they were told by a band of smooth talkers. A flattering fable that indulged their wounded pride, promising a grand destiny for certain chosen humans and their descendants.”

Infinity’s Shore by David Brin, published in 1996

The Rothen have returned to Jijo to find their station destroyed and their colleagues taken away as hostages. The beings on Jijo don’t all agree but most have decided to resist the Rothen’s nefarious plans. Then another starship arrives at Jijo — it’s the Earth ship Streaker, whose engines have worn out after being chased by Galactic fanatics.

The Uplift War and Brightness Reef are two separate stories. This is the sequel to both of them.

It’s about beings resisting much more powerful beings (but in a much more realistic way than Battlefield Earth).

Brin’s Uplift universe continues to be full of interesting beings and ideas.

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