StarBridge 2: Silent Dances

{4.5/5} “Had he done the right thing in befriending the humans? Yes. He held in his feathered fingers proof that the humans were not just beings who could communicate, but rather fully intelligent people — the humans were capable of art.

StarBridge 2: Silent Dances by A. C. Crispin & Kathleen O’Malley, published in 1990

Tesa is at StarBridge Academy when she gets the opportunity to go to Trinity to be an interrelator for the avian Grus, a species some people think is sentient. The Grus make a noise so loud that it ruins humans’ ear drums, so Tesa’s deafness is an asset. She’s determined to help prove the Grus are sentient — as well as their enemies, the Aquila.

This book takes place 15 years after the 1st one. The characters Rob and Doctor Blanket return, briefly.

It shows you how a deaf person might think about things.

It shows how intelligent avians might act. And it shows how easy it is for humans and aliens to work together — to do good things, or terrible things.

This is the 6th book I’ve read by Crispin, and the 1st by O’Malley.

I previously reviewed the 1st book in the series, StarBridge.

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