Fahrenheit 11/9

{5/5} “You know Trump was looking at this whole Flint water poisoning and he’s got to be thinking, ‘Wow, the governor got away with poisoning a majority black city. What will I be able to get away with?'”

Fahrenheit 11/9, released in 2018

Michael Moore wants to remind you of horrible things about Donald Trump that were known years ago — things that should have prevented him from owning an apartment building, or starring in a reality TV show. He also tells you about Rick Synder, who became governor of Michigan in 2010, who did things that are so horrible you can hardly believe it.

He points out with a bunch of statistics that the US is actually a left leaning nation.

One more quotation: “You can’t call it a democracy if the person who gets the most votes doesn’t win.” The electoral college is something that’s leftover from 200 years ago and should be eliminated.

Not only did Hillary Clinton get robbed in the general election, but Bernie Sanders got robbed at the Democratic National Convention. And who knows what would have happened if it had been Sanders vs. Trump?

One more quotation: “When the people are continually told that their vote doesn’t count, that it doesn’t matter, and they end up believing that, the loss of faith in our democracy becomes our death knell. The strong man, the autocrat, only succeeds when a vast swath of the population decides they’ve seen enough and give up.”

Moore sometimes swings from one topic to the next without backing up all his points, but I have little doubt he’s right about everything.

This documentary will make you upset. I had heard that there was a problem with water in Flint but I didn’t know the whole story — it’s shocking.

Moore also talks about hopeful things — for example, all the women who run, particularly for the Democratic Party, in the midterm elections.

Moore also filmed himself visiting Mar-a-Lago but that footage isn’t in the movie.

Everyone should watch this movie, especially the people who rated it without seeing it.

It’s not the most cohesive of Moore’s films. He has a bunch of things he wants to say — they’re all worth saying.

Directed by Michael Moore (Where to Invade Next).

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