Supergirl (season 4)

{4.5/5} “Prison’s the best alibi the world has yet devised. And I’m about to need a lot of alibis.” — Lex Luthor

Supergirl season 4, aired in 2018-19

Supergirl discovers there’s a movement to kill aliens — Mercy and Otis Graves are involved, and they used to work for Lillian Luthor. Meanwhile, Kara takes new reporter Nia Nal under her wing. Alex is head of the DEO, and she’s having trouble working with Brainy. Lena gets the DA to drop her case against Guardian by giving her evidence against a more valuable criminal.

The ongoing story this season reflected too much the tragedy of real life for my taste. Given that’s the story they chose, though, they did a very good job.

The character of J’onn suffered a bit this season. I don’t mind if he’s having indecision about being a man of peace, but he came across as more wishy washy than I thought he should be during that time.

When Lex Luthor shows up, it’s a much better rendition of the character than in Batman v Superman.

This year’s crossover with The Flash and Arrow, titled “Elseworlds,” was much better than the ones from previous seasons. Superman and Batwoman also get in on the action.

Stars Katie McGrath, Jesse Rath, and Nicole Maines.

Bruce Boxleitner guest stars as the vice president, Rhona Mitra plays Mercy Graves, and Tyler Hoechlin plays Superman.

Jon Cryer guest stars as Lex Luthor.

I previously reviewed season 3.

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  1. Dave Switzer Says:

    I’m finding the storylines and characterizations in season 5 not up to par. If the show has a turnaround I might jump back in, but for now I’m moving on to other things.

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