KW Symphony’s “The Firebird”

I attended the KW Symphony’s concert titled “The Firebird.” It was the 1st concert in their 2019-20 season, so they started with “O Canada.” Here’s the program:

  • Kikimora, op. 63 — Anatoi Liadov
  • Sinfonia concertante for violoncello & Orchestra, op. 125 — Serge Prokofiev
  • The Enchanted Lake, op. 62 — Anatoi Liadov
  • Suite (1919 version) from The Firebird — Igor Stravinsky

Andrei Ionita played the cello for the Prokofiev, and was so astounding the audience gave him a standing ovation. He played an encore.

The Stravinsky was also astounding, and the audience gave the symphony a standing ovation. They also played an encore.

The symphony was conducted by their regular conductor, Andrei Feher.

The piece that I’m most likely to listen to again is the Stravinsky — the other pieces were interesting but this one had a special something.

I previously discussed the KW Symphony’s concert “Live by Request.”

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  1. Dave Switzer Says:

    You can see this performance of “The Firebird,” from the orchestra’s point of view, here…

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