Notes from the Burning Age

{5/5} “The kakuy do not care for the payers of man. They are not interested in our good or bad, our desires or whims. We pay them our respects, not because they will smell the incense or taste the wine, but to remind ourselves of the needfulness of this pact. Everything changes; the balance is all.”

Notes from the Burning Age by Claire North, published in 2021

Ven used to be a priest. He translated material from before the great burning — until he showed too much interest in material deemed heretical. Now he goes by Kadri, and tends bar in Vien. One day members of the Justice and Equality Brotherhood threaten to cut off his thumb. Later they return to demand his assistance.

It’s about people who think humans should have dominion over the world, and people who think humans should live in balance with the world.

A quarter of the way through, the main character becomes more interesting. It’s filled with astonishing details.

One more quotation: “Her smile, as she sits at the centre of the table, is like mine — a thing of habit, a half-remembered art folded out of paper. She isn’t sure if it’s the right smile any more. What will people think of it? Will they see that she is an alien, that she’s pretending?”

I’ve read 7 books by North, one of my favourite authors I’ve discovered in the last few years. I previously reviewed The Pursuit of William Abbey.

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