Everything Must Go

{4/5} “I’m no different than any of you. I just don’t hide in my house.”

Nick has a problem with alcohol. After being sober for 6 months while on a business trip he accepts a champagne after a successful negotiation. Then things go downhill, culminating in losing his wife and his job — on the same day. His wife has changed the locks on the house but left all his stuff on the lawn. His friend on the police force says he can have a yard sale for 5 days. After that Nick has no idea what he’s going to do.

Everything Must Go was released in 2010.

Unlike most of Will Ferrell’s movies, it’s more of a drama than a comedy.

There are certainly funny moments, but the main characters has hit a low point in his life.

It’s about friendship and starting over — I liked it quite a bit.

Will Ferrell (The Lego Movie) plays Nick and Rebecca Hall (Starter for 10) plays Samantha.

The movie was directed by Dan Rush (his first movie).

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