The plague, although rare, still exists

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The plague killed millions of people, perhaps even 30% of the population, in Europe in the Middle Ages. Did you know that the plague still exists? I was a bit surprised to come across this article about a new antibiotic for treatment of the plague. FDA Clears J&J Antibiotic For Treatment Of Plague There have […]

Cigarette warning labels & playground ban

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Canada has had graphic warning labels on cigarette packages (covering half their surface) since 2000. Research shows that these labels help ex-smokers resist starting up again. They also help nonsmokers, including teenagers, resist starting smoking. Cigarette warning labels help ex-smokers resist It’s nice that Canada is leading the way in something important like this — […]

If you’re sensitive to small amounts of toxins

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[I don’t usually update my blog posts much later, but this time I had to. Everything I said below is true, but there is a large caveat. I must point out that air purifiers that produce ozone are controversial. The Canadian and US departments of health suggest that you don’t use them at all. If […]