Parks and Recreation (season 6)

{5/5} “Who wants to stay in the greatest town in the world with her best friend and be happy forever when she can abandon her soul sister like an old shoe and move to a garbage city full of jerks?”

Ron asks Diane to marry him. A competitor opens across the street from Tom’s rental clothing business. April nominates Leslie for an award and she wins — and the team travels to London so she can accept it. A rich guy in London who doesn’t know what to do with his money hires Andy to help him start a nonprofit organization. Eagleton, the town next door to Pawnee, has huge budget problems and the two towns decide to reunite. Ann and Chris are thinking about leaving Pawnee. The campaign to recall Leslie heats up.

Parks and Recreation season 6 just finished.

Rashida Jones (Ann) and Rob Lowe (Chris) depart the show in the middle of the season. Will the show survive without them? Yes, like season 5, it’s still hilarious. Some other shows (like Raising Hope) had some trouble maintaining their quality this year, but not this one.

A new character, Craig, is fairly annoying — but there are lots of other characters to like. The funniest characters are Leslie, Ron, and April.

The townspeople remind me of the townspeople from Newhart — they’re mostly idiots. But luckily the focus is on the main characters.

Leslie gets an amazing offer to works for the National Parks office — will she really consider leaving Pawnee?

Michelle Obama plays herself in the season finale.

Henry Winkler (the TV show Happy Days) guest stars as Jean-Ralphio and Mona-Lisa’s dad, and Heidi Klum (the TV show America’s Got Talent) plays a mayor from Denmark. Kristen Bell (Fanboys) guest stars as a councillor from Eagleton and Sam Elliott (The Contender) plays the Eagleton parks department head.

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